Pods: Cam someone confirm.. alive or dead?

I’ve been playing around with a pods structure in my new app. In reading posts and threads related to pods, I am getting a mixed bag of feedback that leads me to think that either pods is “dead” or pods is going through major changes.

If one searches for pods, there is very little documentation and most posts related to “pods” are circa 2014/2015. This has me wondering if I am going down a dead-end as I look to pods as a viable way to organize a project. So… are “pods” a recommended or desirable way to manage code, or is this something to stay away from for the time being?


After looking at Ember.js NYC, May 2016: Robert Jackson on app structure & Erik Bryn on Taming CSS in Ember - YouTube I decided not to switch to pods.


Thanks for sharing. Yeah, the fact that there is literally zero mention of pods in the Ember Guides and most posts/articles related to pods are really old has lead me to the same conclusion. I removed all pod-type structure from my project and things are working fine. If another better way to organize projects becomes established, I will adopt.

By the way, I previous search I did yielded the slides from Robert’s presentation. But I didn’t have the audio/video so I wasn’t able to get the full gist of what he was saying. This video really helps. Thanks.


FYI, the Module Unification RFC will be the future direction for file/folder structure. Not ready yet but you can read up there.

I’m still using the Pods structure without issue. It still works, just not publisized now-days with the Module Unification stuff coming.


Good news, the “pods” layout won the project layout wars! :tada:

The finalized structure discussed in the Module Unification RFC includes all of the nice things about “pods” and fixes many of the bizarre quirks.

Work is underway to bring that RFC home, and make it possible to use in apps. As that work progresses in the next few weeks/months, I’m sure you will hear/see more things about it. Once we ship all the basic pieces we will be working to update the guides to ensure that we are teaching the correct layouts.

tldr; Pods won, eat it haters :smiling_imp:


Good to hear. I watched the video (provided in a previous comment) related to the Module Unification RFC. I see there are plans for a way to “automatically” update existing code. I am planning to proceed (for now) with the traditional project organization but I look forward to seeing the new stuff.

Here’s the link to track progress


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Glad to hear that, I used pods in a pretty big app and found them very very useful for keeping my code organised :slight_smile:

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I too am glad. They make bigger applications much easier to structure.

Any news on this?

Looks like this must be asked again: “Module Unification: Can someone confirm… alive or dead?

Erik Bryn talked about this in a recent meetup. It’s alive. I believe it’ll land in 2.16, but don’t quote me on that. I’ve seen few addons are already starting to convert to it. There is a module unification blueprint that uses Ember canary. I have tried it out and it’s indeed working. So at least we know that it’s working in Ember canary.


I’d bump this up here, because it’s still not clear to me from reading blogs/guides and viewing videos (embermap) if using pods is recommended or not. I’m using Ember 3.5., is anybody out there who can definately tell? From my point of view (as a ember beginner) I can tell, that the pod-structure helps a lot to organize things in a clear manner, but that is of course a matter of taste.

Fwiw, the module unification migration tool already supports, pods, classic, and hybrid pods and classic apps. So, you should be safe.

There will also be plenty of willing people helping those transition to module unification if the need arises

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@brx I’d say pods are technically dead because they are being replaced by what is called Module Unification. MU is pretty far along but not quite ready for prime time. As @NullVoxPopuli said, any of the current structures (pods, classic, etc) should be easily migrate-able once MU is ready. Transitioning from pods to MU might be slightly less of a cognitive shift(?) over classic->MU but it’s really up to you which one to use. I believe Sam of EmberMap is all about pods. I personally am sticking with classic until MU but we use pods on a couple things at my company and it all works fine. So all that to say probably not strong recommendations one way or the other, you should be fine either way.

54/5000 How’s the progress with Module Unification?

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