Project migration to pods

Is there a simple tool and/or recipe available for easily migrating an existing project to the new pod structure?

I read a while ago someone mentioning that it would be added to ember-watson but I haven’t seen any action. I’m guessing there is a bit of a hangup because the exact pod structure still hasn’t been finalized.


we will do a migration of a big tool to pods within the next days. I will create a blog post about it and add it to this thread

That would be really great, thanks! Who are ‘we’ may I ask?

Of course, WE at Foot Locker

Based on what I saw in wycats’ talk at EmberPDX it seems like pods will be going through an iteration cycle in the next few releases. I’m planning to hold off on migrating to pods until that work is completed. Or at the very least until there is a clear line of sight on the structure.

Anyways, I’m not saying you should wait, just pointing out that pods are still kind of WIP.