Pointers on how to add pagination to SuperRentals?

Complete beginner here, I’ve just completed the SuperRentals tutorial! I figure I’d try to add functionality and settled on pagination. I tried implmenting pagination by following an emberscreencast on pagination https://www.emberscreencasts.com/posts/26-client-side-pagination-part-1-basics But none of that seems to work and emberScreencast/emberSchool have been abandoned. There’s the added complexity in Super Rentals of paginating the result of a filtered action, which has thrown me off. Basically, I don’t know how I would even beging implementing simple pagination without using ember-cli-pagination addon yet. Any tips?

Pagination begins to cross over into “less than simple” territory when you’re first starting out :wink: Unless it’s something that you’ll need immediately, I’d suggest working on learning other aspects of Ember and coming back to this idea (which is a good one!) later.

Forms are another topic that we intend to cover, but those can get complicated as well …