Production App - Migrating from EAK to Ember-Cli

We started our project using EAK with ember 1.5 version. Gradually we build up the app and now its completed and available in production.

Now we are in the process of migrating to latest versions of Ember. As our app is in EAK we made the migration till ember-1.9 version gradually by removing all the deprecations.

Kindly advice on the future migration plan on how to move to latest versions of ember and Ember-Cli.

We have two plans:

Plan A - Being in EAK migrate the app till ember 1.13 by removing all the deprecations. Then migrate to Ember Cli and move to ember 2.0 version.

Plan B - First move from EAK to Ember Cli with ember 1.9 and then gradually move to latest version of ember till 1.13 by removing all the deprecations. Then finally move to ember 2.0 version.

As our app is in production we need to do the migration incrementally without breaking the existing functionalities. Kindly advice on the best plan to migrate to latest version of Ember and Ember-Cli.

I think Plan B will give your team less pain.

I would second @broerse Plan B is probably less painful.

@broerse @varblob Thanks for your suggestions. My Production app is in ember_1_9_1 version. I tried migrating to Ember-Cli and I face some issues with Handlebars template compilation issues.

So it will be better if I move my EAK project to ember_1_10_1 version which completely removes Handlebars and fully supports HTMLBars. Then can I move to Ember Cli.