Upgrading from 1.10 Globals App to Ember-CLI inside Rails App

Hey all, I’m curious what the best way to upgrade our Ember 1.10 Globals app.

About 2 and a half years ago, I started an Ember app inside a Rails app. When were started, I used discourse as a way to start. It’s a Rails application, and Ember along with all our application code are included as globals.

Ideally, I’d like to get all the Ember code into an ember-cli project, and then I’ll figure out how to use ember-cli-rails or something to serve it up. Here’s my question:

What version of ember-cli should I start with? Can I use a brand new version of ember-cli and tell it to serve up a fresh 1.10 app? I assume not. What is the most recent version of ember-cli that I could use to serve up a 1.10 app? Ideally, I’ll change as little of the application code as possible, fit it into an ember-cli project and commit that. I’ve found once I’m in the ember-cli workflow, upgrading is much easier.


Hi @joshuabremer! I think the best way it’s started with latest ember-cli version. And move app to it step by step.

Will the newest version of Ember-CLI (2.6) work with an Ember 1.10? Ideally, I’d like to update as little of the Ember app code as possible while i get it into the Ember-CLI setup.

Yes. It is possible to use the latest version of ember-cli with all versions of Ember from 1.0.0 forward. However, the blueprints assume newer versions of Ember so you may have to dial in various deps (i.e. ember-cli-shims < 0.1.0, specific versions of ember-qunit, etc).