Production vendor.js not working



I’m testing EmberJS, I have created a small application (4 tamplate, 1 model). If I run with ember s, it working very well. I have tested with ember dist too.

But when I use ember dist -prod, the JavaScript not working at 100%. I can navigate across the application, but all JS from UIKit not working.

It’s very strange issue, cause everything working well on development mode. Is something special with the production mode ?


Perhaps exclude your UIKit js from fingerprinting? Not sure this is your bug.



Hmm OK, and I have to include manually the file on index.html file ?

Yes, I think it was related to my uikit.js file. Maybe ember-cli do something wrong between devel / prod mode… And UIKit not 100% compatible with EmberJS.

I have try with SemanticUI (100% compat with EmberJS) and devel / prod mode give the same result.