[Propose][Documentation]: add "CSS" section into Ember.js guide?


I propose add a “CSS” section into Ember.js guide
( I can’t do this myself, I am newbie, if I can, I would)


  1. Doc didn’t mention much about CSS in Ember.js (or maybe I didn’t found it) Creating Your App - Tutorial - Ember Guides

  2. Yes there are some content on the Internet, But I think official doc should have this.
    or at least mention it very briefly.
    (Recently I ask a question about this too: What is the correct way organize CSS file with Ember.js?)

What the doc should answer?

  • How to write CSS in Ember.js (file should put into app/styles/, what’s the correct file naming?)
  • What’s the correct way to do this? one way or many way? one of them is suggested?
  • How to organize file.
  • some other content that relate to Ember.jss&CSS
  • how to make sure style name don’t conflict with each other
  • what Ember Addon can help this.
  • etc. (example: SASS / LESS, how to use them in Ember.js)

Thanks! :smile:
please tell me what you think :thinking:


Agreed. Some of what you want is already documented, but it’s tucked away in the ember-cli docs. IMO, those really need to get integrated onto emberjs.com.

Sure, though if you are motivated this kind of issue is a great way to get started and learn a lot. Often newbies (with help) write very good docs because they’re more aware of what things are hard.


Thanks for reply!
I would try to do this and ask for help in Slack

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This may be something I can help tackle or provide help on as you give it a try @1c7. I have an approach that has worked well for me in the past and currently with the Ember apps I’m currently working on, and could share that and see if it is something that would work for a guide like this.