pushObject is not working after RC-8/1.0

After migrating to RC8 and 1.0 I can’t do lazy loading anymore. What I do is get maxId from metadata, and get the model based on that. And the query gets sent and i receive correct data.

Problem is objectData is empty, while i’m sure that the data was received. And even if there was data, it doesn’t get pushed.

   loadMore: ->
     console.log "Loading ..."
     model = App.get 'Post'
     metadata = App.store.typeMapFor(model).metadata
     objectData = model.find max_id: metadata.maxId
     # Until here, everything is working fine
     @controllerFor('PostsIndex').pushObjects objectData #if objectData.content.length > 0

Is there anything that i need to do for it to work with RC8/1.0 ?

You’ve left out some information here. You’re obviously using some data library. Is it Ember Data? What version?

@pwagenet Sorry. I’m using ember-data 0.14

I think part of the problem is when i use filters when getting the model

@set 'content', App.Post.find type: 'featured'