Query-params in latest 1.4 betas


What happened to the query-params code in the beta’s? When I check a diff between a build of 1.4.0-beta3 and beta4, all the query-param code was removed.


I guess 1.4.0 never should have had this feature, even not behind a flag?


Yes, they were mistakenly left in at the beginning and completely removed in 1.4. You have to use the canary build to get query-params-new feature.


I think query-params-new feature is very good. And what time will move in the beta version.


@JeskTop from what I know, query-params-new is nearly complete. @machty is making a few changes, particularly to how full transitions are triggered. We might see it in betas for 1.5.


That would be great ! :slight_smile: