Receive and handle post request

Hello community,

I’m new to ember, I learnt ember by following some tutorials and build some basic apps.

Now I’m working on an emberjs app which will receive post request from an external server, process it and return a response.

I’ve been struggling with this for days now.

Thanks in Advance!!!

Shouldn’t your Ember app be the front end and the backend dealing with requests?

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Thanks Joshua.

Can I build the backend in emberjs?


Can I build the backend with ember.

I’ve built a similar app with nodejs. It receives a post request from another app, get the parameters and take some actions returns a response.

Can I do that in Ember?

Ember is a JavaScript framework designed for front-end development. The entire focus of it is single-threaded, single-user, running-in-a-browser centric.

The first thing you would ask is “since it won’t be running on Chrome/etc., In what JS host/engine will this JS app be running?”

Then, “How will the app handle multiple, concurrent user requests?”.

And, “How do I start a TCP listener in Ember/JS?”

I can imagine that all of those are possible, as it is just JS after all. But you won’t be using any of Ember to do so other than an app entry point. You’ll likely find a friendlier path using something designed for the back-end, though.

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Thanks guys. I get it now.