Recommended Deployment with Amazon?

Hi Guys!

I’m working on a little EmberJS project that i want to host on AWS. I have been fiddling with setting it up correctly but so far i’m not really happy with how everything works.

Initially i tried to set up everything behind one primary domain name (, with different parts of the setup separated out via CloudFront Origins (, …). Unfortunately this does not play nicely with how it’s recommended to set up the routing (S3 or CloudFront custom error responses).

Now i switched to separating everything out via sudomains (, …), which works nicely. Is this really the only way to get it working without adding some additional logic layer (nginx etc) before the application?

Update: still not everything working…

Not i split my app into 2 buckets (main and assets), created CloudFront distributions for it and used the ember-cli-deploy set-up for s3+index. I also set the ember-cli-build option fingerprint.prepend with the asset url.

Works for everything except the favicon. This one does not get fingerprinted so it’s not updated. Also it does not get uploaded to the index-host where the untouched url puts it.

I found one issue like this, but “i handle this in a npm proxy before the project” can’t really be the recommended solution here?

Or am i just blind and see an obvious solution for it?