Regression in rc6 with ember-data?

I’ve downloaded the latest starter-kit for rc6 and the latest ember-data (build of 6/25 for commit 9d2f62d) but my app breaks with them. If I use the latest versions my Route functions receive a DS.RecordArray where I was getting a proper model before. With rc5 and a build of ember-data for commit 8adb337 I get my App. as the model parameter passed to the serialize function and others.

Is this a regression or is this new expected behavior? Should we expect DS.RecordArray now instead of our model objects? If so, how should we extract our model out of the DS.RecordArray?

I think this is a call to transitionTo() somewhere in your code (probably in redirect). This is one breaking change due to the router rework, but @machty has fixed it to keep compatibility. (I think this has just been merged into master.

So either you can update, or as a workaround, you have to explicitely pass the record as an argument of the transitionTo.

I’m not seeing it now so I’m pretty sure that was the issue. Thanks for the pointer.