Reload data on change in all opened windows

Hi there,

i’m working on an Ember App, and my problem is:

Many users works with the same app simultaneously using different browser on different pcs and i need to reload data every time one of them do some changes.

how can i do that?

I tried to trigger model.reload() using property('clock.second') but it starts fetching all the data from the DB every second …

Are there any other possibilities?

I use Ember Pouch for this. Example:


Though a great library, the choice of PouchDB is not for everyone as it involves CouchDB as a backend DB. Going for a generic WebSockect library allows you to work with the backend of your choosing as it doesn’t bind you to CouchDB.

There are many WebSocket integrations for Ember, as an example ember-websockets is one of them that has good documentation and this intro artice by @ErikCH is a step-by-step tutorial for a basic realtime app to get you started.

Thanks a lot! i’ll try it out tonight!