Realtime Ember with Rails API (RethinkDB) backend


For testing purposes I wrote backend and front end just to list up tasks:

  1. Rails5 API server .
  2. Ember frontend

With Ember I’m able to retrieve tasks list from the rails backend, but I need to refresh browser to see if there any new tasks added.

I want to implement a real-time update on front-end.

With Rails 5 we now can use actioncable to implement a realtimeness and there are some working examples out there (which I still can’t get how they work), where Rails5 used as a full-stack.

As I mentioned above, for DB I’m using RethinkDB, which by itself also offers Changefeeds feature. says:

Changefeeds lie at the heart of RethinkDB’s real-time functionality. They allow clients to receive changes on a table, a single document, or even the results from a specific query as they happen.

My question is implementation of real-time app will be different depending if your DB is RethinkDB or not? And how implementation in Ember would look like?

I wasn’t able to find any working example with Ember that shows changes in realtime once RethinkDB is changed.

Here some examples

I’d be very obliged if someone could show me some direction for my Ember frontend

Checkout ember-pouch. If you change something on it almost real-time changes on other browsers. Pouch handles this using Longpoll. Because it is just an ember-data adapter it all works out of the box. I think you also need an ember-data adapter for RethinkDB. It seems you will have to write it yourself…

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