Help to start a project in EmberJS

Hello Guys,

I’ve developed some web apps clients in the past with AngularJS but i don’t link angular 100%. At the time i’m start doing my MSc work and i want try and use EmberJS for this work.

I want to use EmberJS for the frontend and NodeJS + RethinkDB for the backend. To get the data from the backend to emberjs i want to use web sockets (maybe using a restful syntax events. I have to use web sockets too for send events to update data on my EmberJS frontend because would be tasks running on nodeJS that can add data to the database and in this case its needed sent an update event to the fronted.

I’m a bit confusing in how to start this project. At the time i realize that Ember CLI its used to generate a new EmberJS project and i don’t know the best way to organize all this technologies together. Can u guys give some tips of the best practice to do this? How can i configure a project with (EmberJS) ---- Data Connections and Other Events by ---- (NodeJS+RethinkDB).

Thanks for the helping, Regards

Check out Sane use Sails.js | Realtime MVC Framework for Node.js for the backend that is an MVC framework for Node.js and EmberJS for the client with You can connect any database and uses Express for handling HTTP requests, and wraps for managing WebSockets.

Hope that helps

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+1 :slight_smile: sails / sane / node / ember / sails-ember-blueprints

All of the above!! productivity +++++++

With sails i can use easly websockets to CRUD and sync info easaly with websocktes for the frontend? What does sails In fact?