Remove Robot.txt

I see by default Robots.txt file is created on new app creation, inside public folder. Since we have already using a similar file in our portal we dont want this any more. Also we have not used it for our project. If we remove this do we have any impact?

Removing it should have no (adverse) effect, public is just for holding any static assets that get mixed into /dist as-is when building the app.

Thank you for your quick response, If we leave as it is do we have any impact in google crawling for SEO. To remind again we didnt do any update from the day one when it was got created.

I think that mostly depends on how your other robots.txt (you said you had one in your portal already) is configured and how the Ember app is deployed. If the version that’s already used in your portal covers it I don’t think this would have any impact in terms of SEO. I think there are also tools that you can use to check robots.txt config on public sites so you could give those a shot.

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