Repeated options coming while clicking table rows

Hello, I’m having the table row, for that I have wrote right click option method by using below code and it working fine,

click: function (event) {        
        var isConnected = false;
            var isConnected = true;
        if(isConnected == true) {
        var eventResult = this.get('tableView').clickRow(event, this.get('object'));
        if (eventResult !== false) {
            $('.content-data, .action-menu, .managed-object-tools-icon.clickable').bind('contextmenu', function(e) {
                var k = $(e.currentTarget).closest('tr').prop('id');
                var l = $('#'+k).hasClass('inspected');
                if(l == true) {
                    var actionMenuContext = this.get('object');
                    var element = e.currentTarget;
                    this.get('controller').send('contentItemActionMenu', row.length ? row : element, element, actionMenuContext);
                    isConnected = false;
                    return false;
        return eventResult;

But while right clicking on the multiple rows continuously, the same options coming repeatedly on the backside. It have to disappear while clicking new table row and appear as single newly option. I’m using ember 1.4.0. Your help will be appreciate. Thanks in advance.