Right click options not working as expected

Hello, For the product, all the mouse click options are wrote for left click only. So if we want to select any option for from Task(action icon), have to use left click only. But Now the new requirement is have to come also on right click (It need to work on the full set of row while click in right using mouse ) . So I have tried the below code:

click: function (event) {
			var eventResult = this.get('tableView').clickRow(event, this.get('object'));
			if (eventResult !== false) {
				$('.content-row').bind('contextmenu', function(e) {
				    var rowParentId = $(this).closest('tr').prop('id');
				    $('#'+rowParentId).find( ".action-menu" ).click();
			return eventResult;

The Right click option is coming, but its coming on near to the task action bar. So if we right click on center place of row also, options coming on left place only.(near to the task action menu)

In that .managed-object-action-menu was worked for left click option on before. So When use the same .managed-object-action-menu for the right click option for whole set of row. The options are coming in the task option place only as like left click option . But I want to be in the near to the right click time on wherever click on that row. I’m new to the ember. Your help will be appreciate. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Boo :wave:

I am not sure if this is exactly the same question but I have just answered something very similar on Stack Overflow here. Let me know if that solves your issue.

It is also the subject of one of our “May I ask a Question” videos where we go into detail with an example to fix that issue https://youtu.be/mG8NbMh7_Ck

Let me know if any of this helps :tada:

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