Responsive site?


Just wondering why this site is not responsive. Typically, when I go to a site, and enlarge the web page, the contents wrap-around responsively.

Is this website built using emberjs?


The simple answer to your question is “because that’s the way the website was designed”.

Responsive web design is a bit different than what you’re talking about, potentially:

You seem to just be talking about non-fixed width flow style websites (which used to be the norm, back in the day). That’s just to do with the CSS and design of the site, nothing to do with whether Ember is used to build the site. FWIW I don’t think Ember is used to build the entire site, because the site isn’t a web application, it’s a static website. Having said that, there are examples of using Ember on the front page and throughout the site, and these definitely use Ember (albeit via jsbin sometimes).

Hope that helps clear it up for you a little. :slight_smile: