REST/JSON backend without ember data


I would like to find the same bloggr tutorial but without ember data. I have some pbs to correctly manage the JSON/REST calls to the server and the model synchronisation after a remove/add operation

I would like:

  • Create a simple table displaying all posts from the server
  • Delete a post from a button linked to each post in the table
  • After the deletion, I need to sync the server side but also update the current table to remove the deleted post only if delete on server is OK

What I have done:

  • Create the model

    App.Post = Ember.Object.extend();

  • Create a PostStore with CRUD REST/JSON operation with the backend


    all: function() {//REST/JSON call to the backend returning array of posts}

    delete: function(post) { //REST/JSON call to the backen to delete the post}

  • Create the PostsRoute to associate the model

    App.PostsRoute = Ember.Route.extend({

    model: function() {

     return App.PostStore.all();

    } });

  • Create the PostsController

    App.PostsController = Ember.ArrayController.extend({ deletePost: function(certificate) { App.PostStore.delete(certificate); } });

My Questions

  • As the model is directly linked to the call with the REST/JSON call, how to sync this model and update the table when I remove a post with the delete method ?

  • Do I need to make a call to the server to get the new list of posts after removing a post or it could be done smoothy on the client side ?