Run ember s also when close the terminal

Hi, I have a ember application on an apache server. I run the application with ember s, after i want to close the terminal but if I close the window the server go down. Is possibile to run ember s, close the terminal window with ember server still active?

ember server (or ember s) is for development… When you want to deploy your app for production you should build it using ember build --environment production and then copy the files from the dist folder to your production server (apache public_html folder or www folder or whatever it is called)

Hope that helps


You have multiple options: screen, nohup, or forever

forever is my favorite though. forever node_modules/.bin/ember s


Thank I use ember s & and work

This works for me until I terminate the connection to the server. I don’t have the same problem when running forever with node. What am I doing wrong?

I needed to include the ‘start’ command. Its working now.