Run responsive tests


Is there a way I can easily get responsive tests up and running in ember-cli?

I saw that phantomjs has something that can do it, and possibly karma? But I don’t really know what those are or how to install them and get them running with the tests that come with ember (Qunit right?)

I’m really new to testing, I understand the concepts and I’m starting a new fairly simple but deep enough project and I want to force myself to into TDD.

The app will be made for the phone, so desktop is not going to be thought about, so using some media queries I’m just going to prompt the user to open the site on their phone in order to proceed, and when it is on the phone show the actual app. I haven’t quite worked out the specifics on that yet as I really was wanting to test this first.

Maybe this test isn’t work writing, but it would seem that it is since it’s integral to the app working properly that the user is on the phone and not a desktop.

Can someone point me in the right direction for being able to do this?


I havent used it yet but maybe this will help