Responsive Testing: small, medium, and large viewports


Hey all,

I’m playing around with the responsive utilities in Bootstrap and I’m curious if anybody has developed a strategy for integration testing an Ember app at different viewport sizes in parallel using a runner like testem or karma.

The first step is getting browers at different viewports and that seems pretty [trivial] ( However, the screen configurations and features will vary according to the viewport size, so for any particular feature, you’ll need to have tests for each screen size. Also, I could see some tests working across all screen sizes without modification.

So the question becomes, using Ember-CLI, can I organize/tag the tests such that I can easily create a build process which creates a test suite for each screen breakpoint (small, medium, large)?


Hey! I’d be very interested to know if you found a solution to your issue. I’d like to be able to run acceptance tests for different environments. How can I setup those flags with ember-cli?


@jbrown and @guigouz

I’m not sure about tooling for parallelization or tagging as “mobile”, “desktop”, or “mobile & desktop” (though that stuff would be really cool)… however, I think you can at least take advantage of phantomjs to target multiple breakpoints: