Load/Stress testing ember apps

How can one go about load/stress testing an ember-cli app. How can we instantiate multiple instances of our app? Does phantomjs support it?

Could you please define what you mean by stress testing ember-cli?

Normally you would serve up the HTML, JavaScript and CSS for you app through a web server (of your choosing) and the back end is provided by a service of your choosing.

The ember-cli server itself isn’t for production and therefore wouldn’t really be a target for stress testing.

I agree with @mfeckie here. Usually the stress is going to be on back-end servers which are being hit from many people, not the front-end app which is more a one-to-one kind of relationship.

@ankeetmaini Maybe you want to test your servers ability to deliver assets to the browser?

Thanks @ryanbillingsley, @mfeckie for the responses. I get your point. I just wanted to know if ember-cli apps provide an option to create multiple instances of the App programmatically.

Also, if the Router’s location property is set to none, which is usually the case when the app is in an embedded mode. Its URLs don’t work, and no matter what the URL is, it takes to the home page, and only on click of a particular link-to it takes us to the desired view.


I type in this URL http://localhost:4200/movie/1 but it shows the default app template at http://localhost:4200/ listing all the movies even if the above URL is perfectly valid.

How can testing be done of different views with this behavior?

Like ember supports integration testing out of the box, with its various helpers(visit, fillIn), I thought it best to ask for its support to facilitate load testing too. :smile: