Run tests faster in command line mode?



I want to test my app and I prefer to use command lines instead of the server but I find it a lot slower. Here is an example :

time ember test --filter CreateSubscriptionsService
Future versions of Ember CLI will not support v4.2.6. Please update to Node 0.12 or io.js.
version: 1.13.8
Built project successfully. Stored in "/frontend/tmp/class-tests_dist-HY1vdEkR.tmp".
ok 1 PhantomJS 2.1 - CreateSubscriptionsService returns
ok 2 PhantomJS 2.1 - CreateSubscriptionsService returns true

# tests 2
# pass  2
# fail  0

# ok
ember test --filter CreateSubscriptionsService  9.32s user 1.15s system 83% cpu 12.551 total

The output format is really better than the server version and I’m looking for a way to speed up this.

I looked for a way to keeps the server running in background without success. As I understand, ember use Testem and I didn’t find this option in testem.

I tried with karma but I find it a lot more complicated. I have to use browserify, babel etc. and I have a lot of problems. I didn’t find a good resource to explain that.

Does someone have a solution?