Run Ember tests in nodejs


we’re building an ember application and our test suite is constantly growing and growing. We’re having 1500+ unit tests which take about 60 seconds to run (without building/loading etc.). As we want to have a fast feedback loop on our changes (under 1 second) we want to be able to run all unit tests in nodejs. We try to extract as much as possible out of ember, to be able to have faster unit tests, but we’re hitting a wall here, because all those tests have to be run in the browser. Even if live reload is enabled the bootstrap time of our test suite is just to slow. We ran some of our tests (none ember related) in nodejs and saw some great improvements, in terms of startup time and overall testing time. As we don’t want to run two different testing environments (ember related and none ember related unit tests) we want to be able to run our whole unit test suite in nodejs. If our unit tests work in node, we want to completely ditch the browser and also run our integration tests in node with jsdom.

Does anybody have any experience in running ember-cli tests in nodejs?

The following discussion might be interesting to look at.