Anyone unit testing in EmberCLI without a browser (including PhantomJS)?


Hello, Ember community!

I have an old app (pre-EmberCLI) with superfast isolated unit tests written in Mocha/Chai, executed in node. I’ve set it up so that Mocha loads ember-runtime.js, then the file under test, and then that’s it… sub-second TDD feedback loop! This doesn’t work for components that need to touch the DOM, of course, but its pretty great for working on the models, at least.

I’m working on making the jump to EmberCLI, and I’ve got everything working, except for these isolated tests. It seems the official EmberCLI unit test story at the moment is to load an html runner in a browser (Chrome, PhantomJS, etc.) with ember test. As much as possible, I’d like to keep my units decoupled from one other, and from the browser, enforced by tests.

It occurs to me that this desire probably dovetails with the work being done on FastBoot. So, before I dive into this rabbit hole on my own, is anyone already doing this?

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