Setting sortedProperty

I’m trying to sort my date if the user clicks in a , but is not working well. That’s the code:

Inside my table header i have:

            <th class="tables__th" {{action "sortBy" "name"}}>Nome</th>
            <th class="tables__th" {{action "sortBy" "date"}}>Data</th>
            <th class="tables__th" {{action "sortBy" "bookings"}}>Reservas</th>

And in the controller i have:

export default Ember.Controller.extend(PcCheckbox, PcRequest, {
  requestName: 'Evento',
  query: '',

   * Default sort properties
  sortAscending: true,
  sortProperty: 'date',

  actions: {
    sortBy(propertyKey) {
      if (propertyKey === this.get('sortProperty')) {

      this.set('sortProperty', propertyKey);

Shouldn’t this by enough??