Should Ember and Rails Be Coupled?

Hi guys.I have been learning rails for some time now.And i would consider myself as an intermediate(ish) dev.Although i’ve never worked on a real project, (because in Turkey, rails is almost not a thing.too rare) i would like to prepare myself to open world.I have taken the decision to learn EmberJs for front-end development.I started out a week ago.I learned basic Crud, and scratced the surface with an online tutorial.

Is my decision right? And when should i try to apply to a job?( what do you suggest i should learn until then.)

Also, should i use Rails Crud&Validations, or Ember Crud&Validations.(P.S love this small but efficient community ^_^)

You can take a look at but if you know rails I would stick with that. Knowing Ember will be more important than knowing the backend if you want to apply for a job I think.

Take a look at: Ember and Rails 5 with JSON API: A Modern Bridge - Ember Igniter

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Do you mean Ember>Rails?

If you look for a job Ember>Rails because there is a shortage in Frontend developers.