Am I Ready To Apply for a Job? (sorry for if out of topic)

Hi guys.I have been learning ember for sometime. And i’ve learned CRUD, Associations, Ember-Fire hosting and how to connect to Rails back-end API.

The reason i say Rails API, is because i am comfortable with rails.My start point was actually Rails.I’ve picked ember for extra credit.The question is: Am i ready (qualified enough ) to apply for a real world job?

I have never had any real experience before.Just toy apps, and tryouts.It is basicly because in my country(Turkey), rails and ember are not well known.Almost like they don’t exist.So therefore, the internet is my only guidance.

I might say, i know rails in an intermediate(ish) level.(From what i see on the internet).Am i qualified enough for an entry level job? If not, what do you guys suggest me to do? If this is out of topic, please don’t go away.If you have any opinion, share it with me)Thanks already.

You should find out the answer yourself by applying to jobs or apprenticeships, trying to get interviews or becoming a freelancer. It is impossible for us to judge whether you are ready or not.

Do you have a Github profile? Contributing or publishing your own open source projects may be a great way to show potential clients or employers how good you are (in programming, obviously).

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So, i am currently thinking to build 2 simple but functional apps.One with rails, one with ember.Or maybe combined.Not decided yet.But the main goal is not the publish them.Just to say “hey! I can build these”.Should i do it and make a portfolio that links to my github repo? (is 1 for each project okay?)

I don’t know. Does anyone in the community inspires you? In such case you can have a look at what they do. I would think that a Github profile with repos is enough, ymmv.

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Thank you.I guess i should start building stuff as much and as deeply as possible. :).