I Am Qualified Enough? (demo app included)

Hi everyone.I would like to ask, when can anyone know he is ready to apply for his first job? When did you guys applied for your first job? I have been looking at requirements for entry level jobs and i seem to fit them.I have seen people saying you don’t need to know much to work at an entry level position but then, i don’t see why anyone would want to hire at entry level?

Here is an app i have build https://myemberapp-261e9.firebaseapp.com/ so you can have an idea about what i can build with my curren knowledge.I really would like to know if this is enough to get started on a real job? ( at any position).

Here is a new App → https://tomstershop-13ac5.firebaseapp.com/items

Best way to understand your real knowledge level, in my opinion, go to the job interview.

I don’t have much to show for now.I will build another app and put these 2 in a resume.Hope that will get me some interviews

Here’s my perspective as a startup founder in 2016 and 20-year veteran of Silicon Valley software companies:

Entry-level developers come with enthusiasm and a desire to learn - especially when working with new technologies that’s a big plus. I don’t want to hire intermediate prima donnas that have strong opinions based on limited experience and reading tech blogs in their spare time.

If you show an aptitude to soak up information, an eagerness to work hard, and ask smart questions you’ll have a significant advantage over many other developers out there.


+1 what Graham said, speaking as another multi-startup founder and 10+ years experience in various major California cities. Your personality and work ethic will as far, if not further than your portfolio.

Just start interviewing. If nothing else, it’s good practice. If you don’t look at them as being life or death, interviews are fun. You’ll learn a lot about the process and, more importantly, yourself.

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I actually applied to some jobs.Most of them, maybe rightfully, i don’t know, said that they can’t hire a student who is 2 years away from graduating & lives outside of US. (which i live in Turkey).

Some of remote jobs were actually interested but again, not having a showable degree, timezone difference and chance of not being able to communicate at any given time (because i might be in school) reduces my chance of begin hired.

I guess i will try to find some freelance jobs for sometime.That hopefully help me improve more.

Thank you all for ideas.And if there is anything you can suggest to a guy in my situation, please inform me.TIA