Salary Of the Web Developer

I am trying to learn web development to develop a career.But sometimes, all this different languages and some concepts make me reconsider my decision.

I need some kind of motivation.I don’t like to talk about money, but sometimes it’s a good motivation source.

Let’s say i know Rails on an intermediate(ish) level.Same with ember.How much salary should i expect on my first (probably entrylevel) job to pay?

How much salary did you guys earned, when you were a beginner?

And was it easy to land a job?

where are you in the world? what’s the industry? what’s the size of the company? how many years of experience you have? How much 1 costs in comparison to USD? what’s the average cost of living in said location?

these questions are basically why I think it’s difficult to find a comparable sample, making it difficult to answer this question.

you are right.but that is why i asked that “could you tell me yours” part.

No I couldn’t. I wouldn’t advise anyone doing it either, but that’s not up to me

Then let me ask it this way.What is the average salary in where you live for a beginner ember+rails dev? (just guess it please)

LinkedIn is doing some good work (with an Ember app, I might add!) on this: