[SOLVED] Component javascript broken


I followed ember.js tutorial

my ember-cli version is 2.3.0-beta2 and node : 0.12.7, npm :2.14.10.

problem is create components js file. I coded rental-listing.js

export default Ember.Component.extend({
  isImageShowing: false

after build makes my rental-listing.js full of unknown codes

and I restart ember serve , then I can’t start my app because already exists file.

super-rentals :: (master*) » ember serve                                  ~/Development/ember/super-rentals 1 ↵

version: 2.3.0-beta.2
Could not start watchman; falling back to NodeWatcher for file system events.
Visit http://www.ember-cli.com/user-guide/#watchman for more info.
Livereload server on http://localhost:49152
Serving on http://localhost:4200/
EEXIST, file already exists '/Users/ChangJooPark/Development/ember/super-rentals/tmp/template_compiler-output_path-7I5lEsNy.tmp/super-rentals/templates/components/rental-listing.js'

How do I solve this problem? It occur after delete tmp folder.

I tried again after delete node_modules, bower_components, dist, tmp directories. still have problem

I’ll create component js file in template. It is my mistake.