Status of angle bracket components and sub-folders

I’m looking for the latest info on how angle bracket components can or can’t be used with components in sub-folders. For example if I today have a components/ui/slidercomponent that I invoke with {{ui/slider}} today. <Ui/Slider /> does not work, <UiSlider /> does not work. All the info I can find when googling points to discussions from 2015 when the angle bracket components project started.

Will it ever be supported? Is there/will there be an alternative? Requiring all components to be in a flat folder seems like a sub-optimal thing, so I assume there has been some discussion around this?

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The Module Unification Packages RFC proposes a solution for referencing components from various packages, internal and in addons.

One quick workaround I’ve used it to alias the component with the {{let}} helper:

{{#let (component "ui/slider") as |Slider|}}
  <Slider />
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