Store.find namespaced model & normalizeCache

App.CM = Ember.Namespace.create({});
App.CM.ControlModule = DS.Model.extend({
        name: DS.attr('string'),
        locationType: DS.attr('string'),
        primary: DS.attr('boolean', {
            defaultValue: true
        published: DS.attr('boolean', {
            defaultValue: false
        revisions: DS.hasMany('CM.revision', {
            async: true

Using that namespace I have created a controlModule model. Now when I go to the store and make a call like this'CM:controlModule') 

it seems to get confused when it tries to get the model. I tries calls the lookupFactory function with the key being ‘CM:controlModule’

 this.container.lookupFactory('model:' + key) 

ends up returning the whole namespace ‘model:CM’ (I can see the whole namespace being returned with all my models in it) instead of that single namespaced model.

Is there a different syntax to lookup models that are namespaced in the store?

After a bit more digging, it fails in

normalize: function(fullName) {
        return this.normalizeCache[fullName] || (
          this.normalizeCache[fullName] = this.normalizeFullName(fullName)

this.normalizeCache has

model:CM: "model:CM"
model:CM:*controlModule: "model:CM"
model:CM:Revision: "model:CM"
model:CM:controlModule: "model:CM"
model:model: "model:model"
model:model:CM:*controlModule: "model:mo...

which is why its returning the model:CM which is the whole namespace. Any ideas as to what I might be doing wrong?