Structuring Ember code


I was wondering how everyone organizes his code. Talking internals, not how to organize files.

Meaning, I put all extra requests like POST /post/:id/vote in the model. And make routes responsible for getting and setting the data into the controller. And also pass the definitions into outlets, instead of used {{render controller}}.

Also i keep controller to the minimal, responsible for paging if a list view, and if element should be shown or hidden, and all other ui related stuff.

As for components i used it for plugins, making custom controls. And sometimes reusable elements like post-item.

So for me it gets down to this.

  • Models: Handle outside requests to my api
  • Routes: General structure, and all logic
  • Controllers: UI logic
  • View: UI element logic
  • Components: Everything repeatable. From buttons to templates

But sometime there is a point where you don’t know how to put your code, like if i have a follow button, where should this be? For creating new post, it can be accessible from everywhere, where do you put that?

How do you structure your app?