How would you structure/modularize the following app in terms of controllers?


I’m currently looking at Ember as a potential candidate for a new application we’re going to develop but I have some doubts in terms of the suitability of Ember.

Take for instance the following app screenshot…

  • there are no or not many routes, maybe an initial one
  • there are lots of widgets
  • modularization is a must, potentially also lazy-loading modules (this post might help)

How would you (Ember experts) structure such an app? Have one index route, an application controller and Ember Components for the different widgets?? Can you give me some hints/suggestions? I’m quite sure I just didn’t spot the right resources/tutorials.

In Angular I would use different modules with controllers and/or directives for each part, like for the toolbar, the navigation (Table of contents) view on the left, the map component etc…

Thx a lot :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: I’m an absolute newbie to Ember, have created some substantial work with other frameworks though