Diagram of an Ember app's structure

I whipped up a diagram of an Ember app and how the various pieces interoperate, and asked for feedback on Twitter. I got a bit of feedback from EmberSherpa and a recommendation to post it here.

I cannot upload an image here because I’m new, so here’s a link: http://samhuri.net/blog/2014.02.03-ember-structure (source: Ember structure.graffle)

Thoughts? What’s missing or misrepresented? This was created almost entirely from memory and I’m not up to speed on how things work between controllers and templates, that part probably needs the most work.

Initially there was an arrow from View & Component to Route for actions, but since they bubble via controllers I removed it at EmberSherpa’s suggestion. Clarified with text instead.


This is brilliant! I’ve always wanted to do this but now I don’t need to :blush: Thanks.

Well done! Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking for a nice diagram I can print and hang somewhere. This will do. :3

@samsonjs it looks like you were right about link-to view sending transitions to the Route directly. With that said, it’s kinda kept on the hush, hush. I actually want explore wether this could be make more consistent with the rest of the Ember architecture. The revised diagram looks great. I’m going to tweet it out later today.

Awesome! :beers: Hope that others find it a useful reference.

Updated link: samhuri.net: Structure of an Ember app

(also bump for the diagram! moar diagrams <3 <3)

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Thanks so much for this!!

Useful overview. Thanks!

It will be interesting to see how the new “service” object fits into this diagram if/when/once it’s finalized.

@landonwilkins I guess diagram disappeared. Can you repost it? It would be very interesting to look.

Sorry @FractalizeR, I can’t remember what it looked like.

@FractalizeR Ah, my redirects are broken. Sorry. Here’s the updated link: samhuri.net: Structure of an Ember app

edit: oh, looks like I had clobbered the post by mistake. It’s restored.

Great, thanks! I guess it is still valid for 1.12-1.13, right?

@FractalizeR It is still valid, but considering upcoming changes on Ember 1.13—> 2.0, put your attention on the diagram’s right branch

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Is there an updated version of this?

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