Suggested build tool for ember

Hi all,

I am looking for a build tool for an ember application which will be included in a cordova app.

I found two great tools:

  • ember-cli
  • yeoman

I looked for a comparison of “yeoman vs ember-cli” in google and did not find any article listing the pros and cons of each tool.

Does anyone have insights and experience what the pros and cons for each tool are?

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ember-cli is the happy path.


Ember CLI is the One and Only.

I am just concerned about the first sentence in the website of ember-cli:

“Although potentially exciting, this is still a work in progress project, use at your own risk.”

What does this mean?

This tool should be a part of the infrastructure of the product we develop and i have to understand the implications of this statement. I am sure that my boss will ask me how much we can rely on this tool and i will have to give him a good answer.

From my viewpoint the great advantages of ember-cli are:

  • es6 module transpilations
  • incremental build
  • code generators

Is there any killer feature which ember-cli has, which yeoman does not have.

Is the difference just convenience?

Thanks, David

Maybe this is a killer feature:

ember-cli is a multi-purpose tool (scaffold, generate, build, test, serve), yeoman is afaik a scaffold tool, which doesn’t not do any build logic (code generation is a part of ember-cli via blueprints).

Maybe you would like to compare ember-cli vs. grunt/gulp but in this case (ember-cli uses Broccoli).

But, to get same features provided by ember-cli you would need to use yeoman AND a build tool AND a lot of customization + workarounds + monkeypatches → to get the same results with basic ember-cli commands.

Maybe you should take a look on the ember-cli architecture and definilety evil trout’s videos how to utilize ember-cli

Mentioning ember-cli addons is also worth but maybe out of the scope of your original question…

It’s officially supported by the Ember Core Team, so that mitigates a lot of risk. That’s the killer feature.


Like anything else that’s still under active development and hasn’t reached 1.0. It can change and that can be a hassle but even with the warning it’s still the best way to go.

I don’t know why, but no one mentions Brunch with ember-brunch-reloaded skeleton. I’ve been using it over a year, and I’m very happy with it.

It has generators, pre-compilation of css, coffeescript, etc, building environments, bower integration, testing, and you can customize it to your likings, if you need.

However, the author states that he stopped maintaining the repository, in favor of Ember-cli. So, I guess if you’re starting now, Ember-cli should be the way to go…