Suggestions on Functional Testing w/ PhantomJS

Hello Ember People : )

I’m new to emberjs entirely, although I have worked my way through a few great tutorials, written a small app, and I have a good frame of reference in the ejs app that my organization has released to interface with a reports database. We are in the first phase of reviewing functional testing strategies across all of our apps, which are a mix of python, java, js, and clojure.

I would like to use phantomjs for functional testing of our ember app, although I wanted to avoid using XPATH or any brittle approach to testing dynamic pages - considering embers computed properties and view templates. I am curious if there are any suggestions or pointers on how to interface with emberjs controller, models, or routers in such a way that my phantomjs scripts can navigate elements that are dynamically generated? Ideally, I want my tests to function across releases, whether new elements are added or not.

As a caveat, I am still at the beginners stage of understanding ember, so I concede my approach my be completely off the mark. I only just became aware that ember-test exists. Our functional test cases are ultimately provided through lettuce/cucumber-style .feature files. Any tools that we use to test should support .feature files wherever possible.

many thanks!