Suggestions on nested route

I need to change the following two routes to be nested. Every time I try, I can’t get my #link-to to work. It keeps saying

More context objects were passed than there are dynamic segments for the route

    this.resource('asset', { path: 'assets/:name' });

Currently, if I browser to http://localhost:4200/assets I get a list of all my assets. This list is created by a {{#link-to ‘assets’}} within a loop. Each link is formatted like http://localhost:4200/assets/south-building or http://localhost:4200/assets/building-2.

How can I achieve the same URL structure using a nested route?

I figured it out.

this.route('assets', function() {
	this.route('asset', { path: '/:path' });

and my link-to

{{#link-to 'assets.asset' p.path}}