Test in Ember.js does never end, it just keeps running

Hi there,

I am currently learning how to test Ember apps and I have an issue I cannot resolve for myself.

The problem is that when the test I wrote runs, it never ends. It just keeps running, like it has a promise that never resolves or something? This is the test:

test("User signs in and is redirected to his dashboard", function() {
	fillIn('input#identification', 'test');
	fillIn('input#password', 'test');

	andThen(function() {
		ok(currentRouteName() === 'dashboard', 'redirected to dashboard');

The andThen function is never triggered, it seems like the promise of click never resolves. I made the routes and templates etc. so minimalistic as possible to avoid other interfering code.

Also I am using ember-simple-auth, maybe that this could explain any behaviour?

This is a screenshot of the problem:

odd I am seeing something very similar, what was your fix?