Tests passing locally, but not on CI

I have a small test suite that passes locally, but when pushed to CircleCI, it appears an extra test is run. 250 tests locally, 251 tests on CI. The failing test is the following:

not ok 251 PhantomJS 1.9 - JSHint - validators: global failure
        actual: >
        message: >
            Script error.
        Log: >

What would be causing this extra test to run? I don’t believe I have a actual script error.

Dagnabbit! This error is sporadic. I just had the tests pass on CI.

Mentioning this just in case someone else has the same issue or you get it again that can be due to the issue mentioned below. :wink:

Try to build again with ‘without cache’ at the top-right. I had a similiar issue and seems CicleCI caching causes this problem sometimes. :wink:

I’m having a similar issue. I have tried clearing cache and it is still sporadic. I have even tried ssh’ing into the circle.ci box and running ember test manually.