Examples of running non-fastboot ember tests through heroku CI?

Hey friends, This whole circleci 2 rollout has left a terrible taste in my mouth. I’m also interested in heroku CI’s on demand test runs. Has anyone setup their ember apps to use it? How’s it going? Did you run into any technical issues or billing surprises?

Yup, we use heroku CI with our Ember app, it’s great. We test both fastboot and client side Ember with this setup, so both configurations are possible.

I found that running on a performance-l instance across 16 nodes was the fastest configuration. Since our deploys depend on CI passing it was important to us that these tests run as fast as possible.

A downside of this is that every node is responsible for it’s own build step. So we’re building the application 16 times!

This doesn’t really bother me, but the yarn registry has had all sorts of problems these last few weeks, and if a single node fails to yarn install the suite fails. 1/16 nodes hitting a yarn registry error is high. I hope this is only temporary.

Also, heroku seems to build the CI nodes from scratch each time. On circle you can start off with an image that has chrome installed, but on heroku your build pack will fresh install the browser for each test run. This eats up a good bit of test wall clock time.

I’ve used both circle and heroku and I’m super impressed with heroku. I like that our CI runs on the same infrastructure of our production applications. So, I absolutely recommend heroku!

Let me know if you have questions or if there’s any code I can share.

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