Throw an Error when Mirage route is not defined

Hi ,

Please help me regarding how to set the test case for default route . My default port is ‘http://localhost:2300/’ when I create a acceptance test case for dashboard. Than I am getting error that is
'there was no route defined to handle this request. Define a route that matches this path in your mirage/config.js file. Did you forget to add your namespace?} ’ Also i have share with you the screenshot for the same.

Please suggest me how to resolve this problem in ember js.

Thanks in advance. Maroti.

How are you calling ajax in your default route? It appears that you are sending an undefined url or your data object as the first parameter in your call.

If your url is defined correctly, ensure that mirage/config.js has a route handler for your url / method.

Thanks for your help. Know I have create URL in mirage/config.js file problem is solve.