Transition between hash and history routes


For users on IE9 or older, I use hash, and for everyone else, history. I think this is a common pattern.

However, this means that when someone on IE sends his friend a link, that link will have the hash url and it won’t resolve to the correct route if interpreted using history (and the other way around). It’s hard to Tweet Ember urls or href hyperlinks to Ember urls because it won’t support everyone.

Has anybody worked on a redirect solution? Something which detects which scheme your url shows, and fixes it if necessary. (Redirect to the corresponding hash route on IE, or using history.replaceState to the corresponding history url for other browsers.)

If this doesn’t exist, would this be useful to others?


My normal approach is to use history where it’s supported and none on IE9/8

but this PR seems really promising


Good call, that pull request seems to have the feature I’m looking for! Milestone 1.1 though :frowning:

archived #4