Trouble performing an API call

In the menu bar at the top, I perform an API call to retrieve my list of states when ‘States’ is clicked; which works fine. Once the API call returns, my list of ‘States’ under the menu bar displays.

When I click a state name below the menu bar, my API call is not being made. It’s simply updating the model with the state information that was returned from my first API call. I would like to perform an API every time a state is clicked. What would be the best/recommended way to do this?

Here is a link to a sample Ember app that I through together.

Test CMS Application (Github)

I was able to perform the API with each state being clicked by changing this:

{{#link-to 'state' this}}{{name}}{{/link-to}}

to this

{{#link-to 'state'}}{{name}}{{/link-to}}

Now, how do I populate the main area of the page with the State information? My ‘state.hbs’ isn’t being rendered.