Trying to upgrade to 1.8.1 and stucked with views


My app is pretty outdated, so I’m trying to upgrade (step by step from 1.6 to current version) On upgrade to 1.8.1 attempt I’ve got: DEPRECATION: Resolved the view “Chat.Views.ChatTab.MoreTabsCount” on the global context. Pass a view name to be looked up on the container instead, such as {{view “select”}}.

what is expected. Now I’m trying to upgrade my code:

Example view: -Chat.Views.ChatTab.MoreTabsCount = Ember.View.extend({ +Chat.TabsView = Ember.View.extend({ template: Ember.Handlebars.compile( ’{{view.unreadTabsCount}}’ ), tagName: ‘span’, classNames: Ember.A([‘chat-tab-unread-messages’]),

    // Order of bindings is important here.
    // See
    unreadTabsCountBinding: 'Chat.Controllers.chatTabs.unreadTabsCount',
    isVisibleBinding: 'areUnreadMessagesPresent',

    areUnreadMessagesPresent: Ember.computed( function () {
        return this.get('unreadTabsCount') !== 0;

And usage:

Chat.Views.ChatTab.MoreTabs = Ember.View.extend({ template: Ember.Handlebars.compile( - '

{{t chat_tab.more_tabs.title }} {{view Chat.Views.ChatTab.MoreTabsCount}} >>
' + '
{{t chat_tab.more_tabs.title }} {{view “tabs”}} >>
+ ‘{{collection Chat.Views.ChatTab.MoreTabsCollection}}’ ), tagName: ‘div’, classNames: Ember.A([‘chat-more-tabs’]), isVisibleBinding: ‘Chat.Controllers.chatTabs.more_button’,

didInsertElement: function () {
    this.$("#more-tabs").click(_.bind(function (event) {


But ending up with: Error: Assertion Failed: View requires a container to resolve views not passed in through the context

Tried different names and similar obvious changes. Still doesn’t work. Any advice please?