Typo in tutorial

Not sure where to report this?

“app/mirage/config.js” should be “mirage/config.js”

(code snippet after “Let’s now configure Mirage to send back our rentals that we had defined above by updating” )

Problems with the Guides should be reported to the Guides repository, as we instruct in Reporting a problem. However, I just visited the page and it’s showing the correct path:

Note that this isn’t so much a typo, as app/mirage/config.js is 0.1.x, and mirage/config.js is 0.2.x. If you still see a problem, submit an issue through the repository link above, thank you for bringing this to our attention :slight_smile:

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@niconel thanks for reporting that. In the future, if you click the Pencil icon you’ll end up on a page where you can edit the file and send in a patch. Just sent in a PR with your change here: Fixes a Mirage file path bug by acorncom · Pull Request #1499 · emberjs/guides · GitHub

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