Unable to find jQuery Semantic UI module: dropdown

I am running version 3.20.0 as of right now.

We are using semantic-ui-ember in our app, and since updating from v 3.9.0 to 3.20.0 I started getting an error Unable to find jQuery Semantic UI module: dropdown. I’m not sure if it’s related to semantic-ui-ember or to Ember per say. I’ve asked my question on semanti-ui-ember repo but it looks like the repo is no longer maintained, so I am not expecting anyone to get back to me.

Seems like the error comes from the file base.js, from this line in this method

getSemanticModuleGlobal() {
  if (this._isFastBoot()) {

  let moduleName = this.getSemanticModuleName(); <-- this is returning 'dropdown'
  return _jquery.default.fn[moduleName]; <-- this line is returning undefined

When I look at the _jquery object in the debugger, there is indeed no dropdown property in the fn object.

I am running semantic-ui-ember version 3.0.4 (latest).

I am running ember jquery version 0.6.0 (try the latest too but the error was still there).

Anyone has any idea what could be happening?

Also, if I may ask for anyone input, should we considerer slowly dropping semantic-ui from the app and migrating to something else since it looks like the repo is no longer maintained? Should I expect ember to introduce breaking change eventually?

Thank you very much for any help.